JetBlue jumps on the bandwagon

Just a few days ago, I was singing praises to Jetblue because they don’t fall into the trap of excessive fees.

I spoke too soon.

JetBlue will begin charging $7 for a blanket and pillow.

Recycled blankets? Ewww! I’m not really tripping over this fee because I ALWAYS bring my own blanket with me when I travel. I’m more than okay with this “fee” as it seems pretty reasonable. I doubt I’m being biased just because I’m a JetBlue stan.

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One Response to JetBlue jumps on the bandwagon

  1. Roxann says:

    What???? Are you serious?! Wow… It is good thing that I already made a habit of bring my own blanket and pillow whenever I go. It is all good, but STILL!

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