Sedona … 3 years later

This months marks the 3rd year of E and I’s relationship. Those close to us know that we were in denial about our relationship status for sooo long that we really don’t have an “anniversay” date. But we both know for sure that December is the month of our first date as well as our first kiss which happened a week later… December was also the month we took our first day trip together. Sedona. There we went hiking, told each other our favorite Bible stories, got lost looking for the car while the sun was setting, (Black people and dark woods/hiking trails dont mix!) and star gazed. (Millions and millions of stars out there!) We had a good time. So I sent him an Evite surprising him, requesting him to join me to Sedona in two weeks for another getaway. He accepted. (He better!!) In addition to a hike and picnic lunch, I’m treating him to a body massage at a local spa and a trip to Alcantara Vineyards. He wants us to spend the night in Sedona. While that’s not a bad idea, my bank account is in a recession and I insist this whole day be my treat.

So I got the winery taken cared of. Now I just have to find a spa for his massage. That won’t be too hard because the area has many spas to choose from. I will also have to plan a menu for our picnic lunch or I just might make it easy on myself and purchase a lunch to pack on our hike.

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