My travel plans.. updated

I’m still trying to persuade USAirways to change my ticket without charging me. So far I have spoken with 4 reps and they all are standing firm on the fee change. *grrrrr* I even asked if I could do the stand by thing or change the name on the ticket to allow someone else to travel on that date and they said no. I really do not like that word. * sigh * After they take away my fee my remaining credit would be $20 to apply to future travel. That just sucks.

I am not giving up just yet. I contacted a colleague of mine in the industry to see if he could offered any advice to help. I just might even get E on the phone with them. He hates the word NO more than I do and usually has no problem escalating the situation if needed. I’m just a punk sometimes.

Anyhooo… if I can get this situation resolved then I would do the following:

Thursday Jan 15th – Travel to Buffalo and spend 2 days with my family

Sunday Jan 18th – Take the Amtrak to Washington DC. The train schedule has a 4 hour layover in NYC. I would use that time to contact one of my good friends to meet me for lunch and drinks.

(During this time I’ll see Obama, friends, and take a train to visit family in Baltimore/Delaware)

Wednesday or Thursday Jan 19th/20th – Take the Amtrak back to Buffalo and spend more time with my family

Sunday Jan 25th – Fly back to Phoenix.

I probably should consider flying back Saturday night so that I can spend all day Sunday resting from my exhausting travel schedule.

This could work – – but I need to change my original travel ticket. I might be stubborn and cave in and purchase another ticket to Buffalo. But I refuse to give USAir free money! I know I have already expressed my dislike for that particular airline but they are the only airline that offers travel from Phoenix to Buffalo for $99. You just cant beat that with a stick.

If I cant get them to change my ticket then I’ll just stick with my Jan 19th date and travel straight to DC with a Buffalo detour on my way home. I realllly would like to go to NYC.

I gotta get this figured out by the end of this week.

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