You can only use 6 words…

If you could sum up your life – either right now or accumulative, using only 6 words, how would you describe it?

I’m totally jacking this concept from the best seller book “Not Quite What I Was Planning”. One of my favorite USA Today columnist, Craig Wilson, wrote on this very topic. His readers came up with some good ones. My favorite is from a guy name Ben Greenman: “I wrote it all down somewhere.” Me being a big list girl, I’m totally feeling that.

I’m only 25 *ahem* so I don’t think I’m ready to sum up my entire life in 6 words. I can sum up my life right now

“Will get that passport soon… seriously!” *

No, really. Give me until February. Accountability partner, anyone?

*I know the English isn’t right. Sue me.

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