Inauguration Day 2009

It took forever and a day to get these pictures posted on this blog. I wanted to share a few photos of our experience… enjoy!

My ticket!!!! (Thanks to Alesia)

Lisa is in good spirts for 6am – – When I woke her up that morning, she almost was ready to tell me “forget it – and go without me!” Us ladies only had 2 hours of sleep before getting up at 5:15am to get ready.

The metro was crazy busy and crazy packed. We all cohesively got along. Lisa and I clunged tightly to each other to avoid getting swalled by the crowds. The energy as crazy and the vibe was excited. Everyone was just happy to be there.

After standing in line for hours and passing the security screenings, we finally got in! I heard later during the evening news, our section, the blue section, was one of longest and most difficult to get in. Many people were still in line after the swearing in. I’m I got to the line when I did. I’m sure I could have benefited much more had I arrived in line 30 minutes earlier. I’m just blessed I got to be there at all…
After walking around the area for like 15 minutes, we settled on this view. It was packed but we had a clear view of the jumbotron

Alesia was in awe…

Some people were sitting on port-a-potties to get a good view…

People standing in trees, stretching their necks for a view…
We all were standing on anything and everything just to get a good look
I loved the sight of this elderly couple walking by…

The crowds were massive! It was comfortable for the most part to hang out with my fellow Americans

For the most part, we all were pretty casual and comfortable…

Some folks went all out and came out in their Sunday best for this event. Check out the furs and fancy hats

What in tarnation was this woman wearing? But I guess she looked pretty cozy in her get up.

Man, was I so relieved to sit down after standing up for almost 8 straight hours

I could barely lift my leg up…

On the way back to my friend’s house, we drove by Ben’s Chilli Bowl and saw this scene. If you dont know about Ben’s Chilli Bowl, you better ask somebody!!!

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