I kind of had a feeling this would happen…

So… Upon arriving to NYC I got a hold of my friend who instructed that I meet him in Harlem. I hesitated but I decided to go along with it. I cancelled my lunch reservations at the Mesa Grill and opted to have lunch at Sylvia's: One of the best soul food spots in the area.

I ordered a lunch special. 2 salmon croquettes (sp?), greens, and mac&cheese for $7.95. The greens were ookay. The mac was salty and the Salmon was goood. I give this place a 3 out of 5.

After a great meal and a great conversation, I only had 20 mins to spare before my train takes off. I made a beeline to the subway to get back to Manhattan.

… You can guess what happened next.

I missed my train. *sigh* but a kind Amtrak worker rebooked my ticket on the next train that leaves 2.5 hours later without charging me any fees. Although I lost my Business Class seating. *sigh* I'll get home at Midnight.

I'm almost tempted to venture back outside the station and explore a little bit more. But 1) I am sick of dragging my luggage all over town and 2) if I miss this train, I'm stuck here till 6am.

So I'm just going to sit tight right here.

*Sent from my BlackBerry*

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