NYC – I’m ready to go!

I’m on my way to the airport.

Remember when I said I was going to have a budget for this trip? $550.13

Here is the breakdown so far:
$249.20 – Airfare
$54 – Spa treatment

Remaining: $250.93

I’m thinking this might be a bit much for 2 nights, and 3 days. We’ll see. My friend was very generous enough to pay for our hotel stay in the city Saturday night. I totally got this budget in the bag. I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend with my girls.

I decided I’m not bringing my laptop on this trip. I am able to blog from my blackberry and today I finally bit the bullet and signed up for Twitter. I will try to twitter during the trip for those of you who care. (Hopefully there is quite a few of you that do…??)

Follow me here on Twitter!! I’m still getting my feet wet. If any of you use twitter, hit me up!


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