I’m itching….

Sweeeeet! JetBlue Twitter now has 100,000 followers (I’m one of them!) and to celebrate they are offering 10% off flights for the month of March. JetBlue finds every excuse in the book to have a sale. Seriously. Check out the Manny fare. I totally love that about JetBlue.

Wouldn’t you know that E put me on a travel ban until May 1st?!?


A few days before I left for NYC, he expressed his frustration to me that I was spending way to much money on airfare and mini trips and not putting enough money towards my savings goals. *sigh* (He’s right. He’s right. I know he’s right!) I just have those days where I gotta scratch the itch and book a trip. I can’t help myself.

Soooo, I cannot go anywhere for the next 2 months. Forget about going back home for a friend’s bridal shower. Forget about seeing my babies for the next 2 months. (Insert big sad face here. I have just been informed that Lil Man has started walking and I’m missing out!)

Oh! I’m allowed to go to California to celebrate Passover/Easter with E’s family. That’s the only travel exception. He also mentioned he wants us to take another weekend/day trip somewhere. Preferably another winery. Other than those two, I have to stay put right here in the desert.

I guess with that said, this “ban” won’t be so bad. My babies might come to AZ to visit me next month if I can find a really good deal on airline tickets. That thought brings a smile to my face. I would looooove to have them here.

I better go search for those tickets now…. Before she changes her mind about coming to visit.

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