Spend Happy in NYC

I finally had some time to tally my NYC budget.

Airfare – $249.20
Spa – $54 (Tip already included)
Taxi and Train – $29.70
Good Eats – $108.38
Shopping – $55.67
Bars and tips – $37.00
ATM Fees (%*&!) – $3.99*
Hotel – $ Free (Thanks to Jo)

Total Spent: $537.94

*Whew* I’m under budget by $12.19

If I had to chip in on hotel I would have cut corners on the food and shopping. I can’t believe I spent that much on food for 3 days. I ate allll of it. It was sooo good! But then again, when I’m served small bite size portions like this, I’m bound to spend more money on food to fill up.

I think the next time I go to NYC, I’m going to challenge my food budget to be limited to street vendor food. That would be so cool!

*My bank refunds me any ATM fees as long as I show the receipt. This will bring my new balance to $16.18 – – if I go to the branch and do this. I always forget to do this within the 30 day time frame

I’m ready to go on another trip!

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