Picture of the Day

A double feature for today’s picture of the day…

I have a question: Am I wrong for finding this video comical??

This behavior is annoying when my niece does it. It’s certainly not cute when a grown ass adult does it.

This one is for you, J. Money: I found this chyck at the club last weekend with a bottle of Bling H20. She was really drinking it. As you can see, it does wonders for her skin!

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5 Responses to Picture of the Day

  1. DINKS says:

    aww yeahhhhhh!!!!! i hope she threw that on her credit card and helps out the economy! haha..so is that really the chick? did you just say “hey, i wanna take your picture for my blog”? haha..either way, that was awesome. and totally made my day.BLING H2O 4EVER.

  2. Jonez says:

    Well I didn’t tell her I was going to post it on my blog… But yea – she didn’t mind getting her picture taken at all. Then she wanted a picture of us together, which I have of us all hugged up like we’ve been best friends for years! (Blame the alcohol!)

  3. jeremy says:

    she sorta looks like you, jazzmoh (but you look more gorgeous).speaking of looking great, you REALLY need to go on America’s Next Top Model!! There’s an audition for models 5’7″ tall or lower in Los Angeles.*nudgenudge* Maybe your makeover would involve this chick’s long luscious blond hair! :-p

  4. Jonez says:

    You’re funny. Oh man, I can already see Tyra shaving my head bald! Do you know how long it took me to grow this hair? If you want me to audition, I need to see your travel itinerary to fly to LA that same weekend.

  5. Anonymous says:

    lol…how did you come across this video? That woman is crazy. Anaya got her butt whooped acting like that when D dropped us off @ the airport and she thought he was coming with us. That’s just embarassing!

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