Picture of the Day – Hotel Zico

Hotel Zico – Mountain View (San Jose) California

I found this hotel for a cool $71 bucks per night. Split 4 ways that was $18 bucks a person.

Alarm clock with ipod stereo in the room? E was in heaven and we had our little karaoke in the room.
I was in heaven over these pillows! A choice between soft and firm?? Sign me up for firm please!!

I was in 7th heaven over the free breakfast and omelet bar the next morning. All the bacon and tea I can eat and drink?? You don’t have to tell me twice!

I couldn’t stand this sink. It was cute but the water got all over the place. Thank God for housekeeping.

Another thing I loved about this hotel – – the maid’s cart. They don’t keep their eye on the carts. I’ve said it before, it’s fair game if I catch unattended cart. Let just say I grabbed enuff lotion and shampoo to last me a few long weeks. E was my enabler. He supported me in my efforts. (smiles)

This place is such a cute little boutique hotel. The price was right and the service was tight. I didn’t have to want for anything. I even had access to free wifi in the business center. Places like these are the reasons why I hardly do the large chain hotels anymore. Just because you compromised on price doesn’t mean you have to compromise on service and quality.

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