Just in case…

{Channeling Sophia from Golden Girls}

Picture this. Summer 2009. I’m slaving away at the day job and I get a text from a friend asking me to join them on a weekend trip because ____ (insert dramatic reason here) and the plane leaves tonight! Just pay for your personal expenses. Everything else is covered. Can you join?

I can think of very few reasons to say no to an offer like that…

Soooo… just in case my “fantasy” ever comes true, I’m prepared. What you see here are the contents of my weekend bag. A dress, a long skirt, a mini skirt, bermuda shorts, and several tank tops. Along with my most important garment, the bathing suit. This is assuming my friend is going to a tropical or beach destination. A winter or cold climate destination is one of the few NO answers you’ll get from me. Jonez don’t do cold.

As you can see, I’ve made this simple by color coordinating my outfits. When I rush home to grab my bag and read the note inside which explains the other misc items I need to pack quickly including shoes, accessories, and unmentionables. After I grab those items, I’m out the door before you can say “Now boarding: Zones 1 -3”.

Note to self: purchase a more fabulous weekend bag! (This will have to do for now)

For now this bag with the contents will stay tucked away in the back of my closet until I get that call.

Okay… somebody call or email me now….

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One Response to Just in case…

  1. mizz rogers says:

    I am so in love with this fantasy that I am going to pack my bag today!

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