A happy belated birthday…

Remember my birthday wish list?

I say 3 out of the 4 ain’t bad. All of my wishes are coming true this week.

1. Yesterday I started a new job at a Travel Agency. *squeals*

2. Boo – no $600 in disposable income. I have a feeling JetBlue will pull another event like this in the near future.

3. Tomorrow I get on the plane to see 2 of my 5 babies. *squeals*

4. My momma loves me. She purchased for me a netbook yesterday. *squeals* It is not going to arrive in time for my trip tomorrow but I have the perfect place to pack my new laptop on my trip to Atlanta next month for Blogalicous09 conference.

image source

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One Response to A happy belated birthday…

  1. jeremy says:

    hopefully it's a Mac?! :-D

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