B6 offically sucks

Okay… it’s official. B6 Airlines is on my do-not-fly list. Well truth be told I was never able to fly them because they hardly advertise sales to or from Phoenix destinations.

Sad…cuz this used to be my favorite airline. Loved the leather seats and the televisions and the cute uniforms. Their NYC hub employs some of the most beautiful people I’ve seen on God’s green earth.

B6 posts weekly sales every Monday that are stupid cheep. As low as $9 one way. Today they are having a ridiculously sick sample sale. I had to scroll the website like three times. No sale geared towards Phoenix.

It’s okay tho. I’m not mad. I had to get rid of one airline to make room for the new airline that has recently become my new BFF – AirTran Airlines. (shocker, right?)

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