Blogalicious Day 2

A few pictures from Day 2 of Blogalicous09 conference. Find more exclusive pictures on my twitter page: @traveljonez

Disney Princess stopped by!

I test drove a new Chevy!
After all the workshops and events were over, Style Mom hosted a party in her suite

The best party of the conference was hosted by Disney! They gave us crowns and rings so we can all dress like princesses.
Pictured here: The Broke Socialite
Ladies feeling glamorous and given the royal treatment when staff welcomed us with a waiting glass of champagne.
The DJ’s kept the nite rocking with old school and MJ jams

Just had to throw in a couple vanity shots….

1am … back to bed!

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One Response to Blogalicious Day 2

  1. Roxann says:

    How do you like test driving new chevy? Worth it? Look NICE inside, but outside?

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