Atlanta Budget Recap

Remember my previous budget plan?

$250 Airfare
$90 Hotel (my share divided by 4 ladies)
$60 Food (Meals will be provided during some parts of the conference.)
$40 Shopping and misc purchases
$50 Just in case shit happens
Total $490

Here’s the damage
$289.20 Airfare
$85 Hotel
$36.16 Food and cocktails (Overcharged by $2.00)
$4.50 subway transportation and tips
$0 No drama

Total $414.86

I see on my bank statement the hotel over charged me $2.00 for one of my cocktails. I’m too lazy to dispute. Does that make me a bad person?

The hotel had amazzzzing food and that helped keep my costs low. In addition, just about every party I attended served free drinks. Still, I couldn’t resist an espresso martini or two while I “celebrity watched” on the deck.

Totally happy with this trip budget.

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One Response to Atlanta Budget Recap

  1. Deblissta says:

    I'd say you did pretty good considering the multitude of tinis you consumed :).

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