I thought that was a unique spelling… (OTJ)

I recently booked travel for a client who is visiting family for the Holidays. The transaction was handled over the phone. I asked for the correct spelling of the first name and she told me:


Or so I thought that what I heard her say. I thought, “Hmm… that’s an interesting spelling”. You know how folks like to shake things up and spell names differently to make it all unique. So naturally I thought this was one of those cases.

Tickets booked, itinerary sent via email. The following morning I received an urgent email. The name is spelled


Whaaat!? Luckily I had just enough time to quickly change the name on the reservation before it became a guaranteed ticket fare. Had I put it off by a day, my office and the client would have been up s#it’s creek.

I need my ears examined.

Better yet, just text me.

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2 Responses to I thought that was a unique spelling… (OTJ)

  1. jeremy says:

    you should use the phonetic alphabet for spelling purposes next time! :)

    a-alpha, b-bravo, c-charlie, d-delta, e-echo, etc.

    (google NATO phonetic alphabet, print out a copy and put it on the wall next to the phone)

  2. Jonez says:

    At the airline job, I used the phonetic alphabet all the time. Yes – I need to go back to that doing just that.

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