Best of 2009: December 27th

I’m a day late with the whole Best of 2009 Challenge. I’m skipping today’s topic. Best stationary. WTH?!

Social Web Moment

Today’s Best Challenge answer I’m going to dedicate to my mom. She recently discovered Facebook about two weeks ago and has taken to asking me like 1,000 questions. It took me a full year to understand Facebook and every time they changed the dang thing I had to re-learn all over again. Yea, I suck.

Mom wants to start blogging. For real. Last night I spent 2 hours with her answering her blogging questions and discussing her Europe travel plans. Next Tuesday she is turning 50 and will commemorate the day by unveiling her first blog post. I’m excited for my mom’s journey and I hope you’ll join me in reading about her plans gearing up to the big trip. She has a lot of exciting topics planned for her blog. As soon as I learn of the url, I’ll share it with you guys.

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