On Top of the Hill

Today my mom turns 50. I don’t know why but I just like saying her age. 50! 50! OMG, my mom is 50!

Here is Ma five years ago when we visited Phoenix for the first time. We were hiking on South Mountain. Those of you who has visited South Mountain before knows that this particular mountain isn’t really much of a climb. Just a bunch of hills and trails.

We always talk about this picture because we were hiking with a group. Some of them seniors. They were well ahead of us on the trail and here is my mom, huffing and puffing for dear life. She was seriously winded for five minutes.

She wrote a beautiful post on her blog commerating her birthday. She’s not over the hill (as most folks like to say when one turns 50) she’s ON TOP OF THE HILL! Go, Mama, go!

Happy Birthday, Ma! Here’s to 50 more years!
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One Response to On Top of the Hill

  1. Mom says:

    Aaaah That'sSo Sweet – Thanks Baby Girl

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