Cougars and Cubs

Last December, Carnival Cruise lines partnered with a travel agency to put together the first ever “Cougar” themed excursion. It was a success with over 2,000 passengers on board. Carnival recently announced they will not collaborate on another themed trip as it does not fit their philosophy of a family-fun ship.

Oh, not to worry, other cruise lines stepped right in. Royal Caribbean has a Mexico trip planned and Norwegian Cruise Lines has one in the works as well.

You can read the article here.

My thing is … Cougars and Cubs?? Really?! The name is almost comical but isn’t it demeaning as well? My own boyfriend calls me a cougar because of our slight age difference. (Three years, ya’ll. Three whole measly years!) I’ve later discovered there is label for someone like me. According to the Urban Dictionary, I’m a puma!

Seriously? *rolls eyes*

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One Response to Cougars and Cubs

  1. Joey says:

    Puma? hmm you wear it well I suppose :) I learned a new vocabulary word thanks to you..

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