Picture(s) of the Day

Last weekend my friends flew into town to celebrate Lisa Pizza’s 30th birthday. She wanted to enter her thirties in a “healthy” way and encouraged all of us to sign up for the Sedona Marathon 5k race. I put together a fabulous itinerary that included Lolo’s chicken and waffles & bottle service at a local club. Justice Fergie provided us all with fabulous party favor bags stocked with chocolates, champagne, and lip gloss.

Here are a few photo’s of our Dirty 30/5k or bust celebration

All of us at early o’clock with smiles & ready for the big race

My friends nominated me as best dressed in our group. (Check out the girl in the pink giving me the side eye.) The reason why I’m wearing my flannel pajama pants is because I forgot to pack my running pants! I am wearing some protective thermal underneath.

Halfway thru the race… still in good spirits

Racing to the finish line

Here we are posing with our medals

The race was fun. I just may be inspired to do another one in the summer. Key word: MAYBE. One of the girls kept insisting I should train for half marathon seeing that I barely broke a sweat during the 5k. *side eye*
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4 Responses to Picture(s) of the Day

  1. Single Ma says:

    If you ran 3.1 mi w/ that thing on your back, umm…yea, that was way too easy for you. LOL

  2. jeremy says:


    jazzmoh was dancing the entire time, wearing flannels (which would make one SWEAT), that ridiculous backpack, and a honest-to-gawd 40 mph sprint to the finish line once she saw it.

    i *know* she can do the half-marathon. the challenge is doing the full one. ;)

  3. Jonez says:

    Damn the full marathon! LOL

  4. Roxann says:

    This will be one of great accomplishments for you to pursue! If they believe you can do it, then DO IT!! Your gals will either stand cheering for you or run with you. I don't mind joining with you. :-D

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