Picture of the day – – Sista needs a new pair of shoes

Last week was Earth Day. Did you do anything special to celebrate Mother Earth? I’m all late with my Earth Day post… but really… everyday is Earth Day. Right?

This picture is not really travel related at all, but I wanted to share the mess in my kitchen that’s creeping into my living room. This is how much wine and liquor we’ve consumed since February! I don’t want to throw the bottles in the trash and I don’t exactly have access to a recycling facility in my neighborhood, so the bottle collection just build up.

In my defense, I really did not consume all this liquor alone. I’ve had friends and guests stay over my place and wine was shared. That huge bottle of brandy was for my sangria. Some of the hard liquor belongs to E. When I’m out of town, E likes to invite his friends over and have a lil party in my studio. Not that I approve, but how can I nag him from 3 states away?

What do I do with all these glass bottles??

I really wish there was a way for me to make a pair of shoes out of them….

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