Picture of the Day: Oooh! My first video upload!

I was randomly browsing the net looking for information about the passport increase fees. My Google search led me to NoDebtWorldTravel.com. The website didn’t exactly give me the answers I was looking for regarding my passport search, but I was intrigued with the content and started browsing.

Shortly after, I came across this post where he shared his “video of the week” involving an octopus and a stolen camera.

When I first glanced at the screen shot, I thought the photo was a male body part. *ahem*. Then after reading the description, curiosity got the best of me. Check out the video below.

*Note to my deaf friends: No spoken word in this video. All text and visuals. Enjoy!*

How cool is that?? Had that been me, I would have been like eff the camera and swim far away in the opposite direction!!

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One Response to Picture of the Day: Oooh! My first video upload!

  1. brian says:

    Hey so glad you liked the video. I'm not sure if you saw this post I made, but I listed the current fees and the proposed one. I don't believe they have gone into effect yet.

    If you're on Twitter, you can shoot a question to @travelgov. All they do is talk about passports, travel advisories, etc.

    Hope you find the info you were look for.

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