Atlantis Budget – $100 dime **Edited*

**Edited 7/1/10**

I did some serious miscalculations. Where is Lindsay when I need her? ;-)
See below

Back from Atlantis. Originally the plan called for 3 nights in Paradise Island. Fate intervened and my vacation changed to 2 nights in DC and 2 nights in Paradise Island. I had a blast. So great to catch up last minute with my BFF’s in DC and spend some alone time on the beach.

Again, this was a working trip. So some meals were covered and I had quite a bit of free time to explore the resort. To keep costs low, I just chilled on the beach most of the time. It was puurfect.

Here’s my cost breakdown:

*Edited* – While cross checking my bank statements, I realized I over calculated my metro fares & tips.

Food $54.95
Gifts: $25.75
Metro: 14.05 $8.90
Tips: $10 $7 <— my notes shows $7 in cash tips was paid out
Phone charges: $2.98

Grand Total: $107.73
*Updated* Grand Total: $99.58

Booo! I failed! I passed! I passed! *cabbage patch*

Details of price breakdown to come tomorrow….

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One Response to Atlantis Budget – $100 dime **Edited*

  1. Anonymous says:

    Psst…you know you can holler when you need me to do the math! :) Moon and Back!

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