What do you know about the D.R.?

What do you know about the Dominican Republic? What have you heard lately about the island? A few months ago, I read an article in Essence magazine written by Keith Murphy, who detailed why this island is such a popular vacation destination for men. (Go ahead, google it)

After reading the article, my jaw dropped. Now I pretty much *side eye* any guy that even mention about vacationing there. Not too long ago, an alumni contacted me about looking into his travel to the area. Talking about he wanna hang on the beach & golf. *huuge side eye* I’ve never seen him pick up a golf club in my life. But I don’t care, Imma get that money.

One beauty blogger I follow just vacationed there recently with her girlfriends and saw the action first hand. She wrote an excellent blog post detailing her experience. Check her out.

It’s just nasty. I wonder if this ‘trend’ is hurting or benefiting the island’s tourism dollars?


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