I (Still) Suck

*Major side-eye* to myself for not posting in over a month. I'm totally embarrassed.

Merry belated Christmas to all 4 of my readers. How was your holidays?

Mine was epic. I took a whirlwind holiday vacation to MD, DE, PA, & NY in a span of 5 days. Two of those days I got stuck in that annoying blizzard.

I was gonna blog & share pictures but my laptop won't let me be great! I've gotten a nasty virus the past month and haven't quite recovered.

{Message to hackers and virus developers of the world: May your suffer the pain of 1,000 papercuts!}

I'll *try* to come back tomorrow if my laptop wants to behave.

A final note: Can you believe that there is only 1.5 days left til 2011?! I'm astonished! Where did the year go?! Seriously?



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