Another list: Summer 2011 Bucket List

Last summer I watched “The Bucket List” movie for the first time. I absolutely loved it and the ish had me curled up on my mama’s couch, crying thug tears.

Later I was surprised to learn this movie was directed by Rob Reiner, the same dude that directed one of my most-favorite-movies-of-all-time, “Harry Met Sally.”  Hmm… go figure!

This summer I made a small bucket list of stuff I want to check off the list in the next three months.

  • Celebrate birthday with my Leo babies – (Baby brother: 21, Niece: 5, and Goddaughter: 2)
  • Perry’s Drag Brunch  (Thanks to Rohan for hipping me to this!)
  • Boat Cruise/Dinner cruise
  • Visit three wineries in Va & MD 
  • Visit three museums 
  • One more stamp on the passport (Hopefully with Ariel) 
  • Find a summer boo (He has to expire by October 1, 2011)
  • Drive a Mini Cooper
  • Reconcile with a good friend 
  • Perfect the art of cooking fried green tomatoes  (no, seriously!) 
  • Return to Phoenix (hopefully in September???) 

I’m keeping this list short and realistic.

We’ll check back soon….


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