Speaking of…

Mama grilled this bird in 2005

Sooo… tomorrow’s Thanksgiving?! Where did the time go?! At this time, I’m still unsure of my holiday plans. Really, I just want to chill. I want to order awesome Chinese food, rent a bunch of movies, including watching my favorites again like Harry Met Sally & Benjamin Button, while sipping on bottomless champagne.

Cider spiced with cinnamon, cloves, and orange rinds

Speaking of drinking, all week I’ve been sipping on spiced apple cider spiked with rum. I was thrilled to find Jamaican Appleton Rum at my local store. This sneaky sucker is soooo good. It is my favorite, next to Captain Morgan.

Speaking of cider, I’m inspired to make an apple cider sangria. The inspiration came from Pinterest

Speaking of pinterest, I. AM. ADDICTED. An hour or two of my work day is easily gone exploring inspiration boards. You can check out my pinterest board here. I also have a badge on the sidebar. –>

Back to thanksgiving: My sisters are probably disappointed that I didn’t go home. They have been asking me at least 3 times a week to join them for Auntie G’s Thanksgiving dinner. I feel some type of ways because Auntie G has my phone number and hasn’t called to extend me an invite. I’m just not going to just show up at Auntie’s house all willy nilly like that.

Bottomless Brunch

I’ve debated cooking a Thanksgiving Brunch. I’ve been obsessed with brunch. Just haven’t had time to enjoy it because I’m working on Sundays for the holiday season. Lawd, I cannot wait to get my Sundays back!  Anyhoo, that’s a maybe on brunch. Too last minute to invite folks over and stuff.

I haven’t seen my niece/nephew since Ocean City vacay last August. I am long overdue for some Auntie time. The kids will be spending the holiday in NYC with their mom’s side of the family. I’m strongly entertaining options of hopping on the megabus to spend the day with them. I’m probably going to make a decision later today or first thing tomorrow.

Speaking of nieces/nephews, I really need to adopt some local DC babies to feed the inner Auntie.

Speaking of NYC, last week I spent a day in the city bonding with a new friend that I met thru Blogalicious and we dined on Thai and explored MoSex. It was fun and informative.

I don’t know what this is. It just looks cool 

Retro Vibrators. Bulky and looks like they hurt! 

On the 3rd floor, there is a massive collection of personal items belonging to a fellow named Samuel Steward. Dude took very meticulous and detailed accounts of his sexual … behaviors. Google  him or better yet, check the exhibit if you ever get a chance to go. It was absolutely fascinating.

Masquerade Party New Year’s 2010

Speaking of travel plans, as of yesterday, New Year’s travel plans have been solidified. A friend invited me to come to Dallas to ring in the 2012. The subject came up yesterday afternoon and by evening, I had secured a plane reservation. Yay! I’ve never been to Dallas so I look forward to lots of exploration.

All right. I’m done speaking…


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