Best of 2011: Restaurant Moment at Casa Mono NYC

Last October I took a trip to help a friend celebrate her birthday. We really wanted to go the Food Network Wine and Food Show but after we saw the ticket cost we said: “Hayle to the No!”

I suggested as an alternative, we go on a Food Network Restaurant tour. Basically check out a few of the FN star’s dining establishments. This includes the Neely’s, Bobby Flay, & Mario Batali. We headed to Casa Mono which is one of Mario’s places. I let the birthday girl choose the appetizers.

A short while later, the waiter brings me this:

Pulpo with Fennel and Grapefruit

I asked my girl what is this dish and she replies: “Octopus”.

Come again!? 

I looked at the waiter. I looked at my girl. I looked at the plate. I looked at my girl again.

I really wanted to ask for a dipping sauce to accompany this dish. Hot sauce or something!! But this was a fine dining establishment and I needed to act appropriately.

I loaded up my fork with what I called “The perfect bite”.

A lil bit of the fennel, grapefruit, tapenade, and of course, the octopus. 

It…. wasn’t….. bad.

Definitely an acquired taste.

We finished the dish. I won’t make this a habit tho. But at least I can say I ate an octopus before.


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