Jamming in Jamaica

When I visited Jamaica for the first time back in 2010, my guide shared that every month that begins with “J”, you’ll be jamming in Jamaica. January is the Jazz & Blues Festival, June/July is the Reggae Fest and I’m pretty sure there’s one more event that I cannot think of. That whole “Jamming and J” thing always stuck with me.

Good news. I am going to be doing my shimmy shake at this year’s Jazz and Blues Festival. Totally last minute Airline is secured. Now I just gotta figure out where I am going to sleep. Ideally, I’d love to stay at the Iberostar properties. I visited several of their resorts during my last stay and they are stunning! All inclusive baby!

*shimmy shake* 

I don’t know a lick of soca or reggae music but I’m gonna jam any way. I’m excited. Countdown begins now: 12 days to go!

On a side note, I’m soooo ready to date again so if this happens… I’m not even gon’ be mad.

Come at me, Dexter St. Jock!!


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