Summer 2012: Wine with A Kick

I made LOTS of Sangria this summer. It was time to get more bolder & creative with the flavors.
While browsing the liquor store, I came across a bottle of ginger liqueur. Instantly I thought of the ginger peach teas I used to drink back in the day.


I decided to keep this batch simple. I didn’t know how strong the ginger would come out. For this batch I only added 1 cup of ginger and 1/2 cup of peach schnapps with a bottle of white wine. A bit of thyme for mild food decor and flavoring.


It was a great, sweet sangria. I barely taste the ginger flavor. I didn’t use all the ginger slices as pictured. I think I stopped after 3 because I was afraid of the flavor coming out too strong. I was disappointed as I was looking for that “bite”. Next time I’ll be a lil bit more liberal on the ginger.

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