Summer 2012: Coolest Wine Bottle…

A few months ago I went to Connecticut to re-connect with some college friends. We spent an afternoon strolling their beautiful downtown area. I came across a wine shop and you know I just had to go in!

My friends aren’t heavy wine drinkers so their house was bare. I survived the first night vino free, but wasn’t going to make it a 2nd night. (Hey! I was on vacation! Don’t judge.) (Wait. I sip vino frequently at home too…I digress)

I was strolling and couldn’t really narrow my choices down. Then I came across this bottle:


The entire bottle was covered in burlap. (Cool factor #1) The wine hails from Chile. They make really great wines in that region. (Cool factor #2) The price was great! $10. (Cool factor#3)


It tasted great but I didn’t keep the bottle. I was traveling and didn’t want to drag it in my luggage. My friends are not bottle collectors so sadly this bottle’s fate was the local recycle bin. The next time I come across this bottle, I’ll be sure to save it.


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