That Sleep Deprivation Struggle

A Sista been struggling with a few sleepless nights the past 4 weeks and I shared a few struggle shots via Instagram.

20121015-163149.jpg Sorry. I don’t know how to look “cute” while sleep deprived

A few friends advised me to try the new ZzzQuil that came out.


Ran to my nearest Target and copped the bottle. A few days later, I Instagram’ed the following:


This stuff is a damn lie! It worked out well the first night I tried it. A few nights later, I did not get favorable results. After checking out a few online reviews, I found out this sizzurp is a mild and fancy Benadryl. *side eye*

Last night after tossing and turning for two hours, I took two big sips of the ZzzQuil and added these vitamin sleep pills from NatureMade, one of my Blogalicious ’12 conference swag.


With the combination, I didn’t fall asleep until 1:30am. A whole hour and a half later after the initial consumption.

This sleep deprivation struggle is real and I’m not about this life.

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