Jonez’n For New Accessories: Cyber Monday


I was hoping to snag some great deals on Cyber Monday. I decided to use the day to purchase a few things I have been Jonez’n for the past couple of months. I peeped my Jonez’n Pinterest board for inspiration.

 First on my list was “The Color Purple” logo T-shirt. This is one of my favorite films, one I quote often. Although there wasn’t a sale on the shirt I got free shipping.  Thanks,!


Next was the set of hand painted “The Golden Girls” wine glasses. I first came across this set via the Wine Sisterhood Facebook page. At that moment I started to hyperventilate! I. Had. To. Have Them.  No sale or free shipping. You can find the glasses here!

I cannot wait to get these. I’m not sure which “Golden Girl” fits me best. I’m a mixture of Dorothy and Sophia. Just all around sassy!

Finally, Key Socks! This came across my Pinterest wall and it was love at first sight. I just ordered one for now because I want to see how well they fit me before purchasing a bulk package. If these work out, I’m giving them away as gifts for my girlfriends. I got a 10% *cough* discount. ($1 off!!) I’ll take it, I guess.


How did you score on Cyber Monday? More importantly which Golden Girl are you?

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