Thirty Six Awesome Things (Part 2)


Look, Ma! I’m at the White House!

7.) Earlier this week I had the opportunity to visit the White House and take a tour of the beautiful Christmas decorations displayed. I was returning to the White House since my last visit at age 8. My friend and I strolled about for an hour posing next to our favorite Christmas trees.


Out of the 20 or so trees we viewed, this one above is my absolute favorite. From a distant the ornaments look like little balloons. It’s so simple, cute, and colorful.

I didn’t get to see the first family strolling about but Bo, the First Family’s dog strutted past me twice!


He truly looks soooo cuddle-able

It was awesome and I was grateful for the opportunity. Seeing all the decorations just got me deeper into the holiday spirit. Also mad props to the White House tree decorating staff. Every single tree is live evergreen of various sizes, (smells amazing) and each is decorated with it’s own theme. A major undertaking.



How are you getting into the holiday spirit this year?


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