Yes, I Jumped Out Of A Perfectly Functioning Aircraft… On Purpose

I’m so late telling this story. I’ll keep it short and sweet. (I’ll try!!) I’ll let my Instagram pictures tell the story…


Back in August for our 30th birthdays, (our birthdays are two days apart) the BFF had the bright idea of celebrating via skydiving. I was hesitant but I went along with it.


As we were getting strapped up, BFF was like: *thumbs up* and I was thinking: *prayers go UP!*


This was our ride.


The higher up we go, the more nervous I was becoming. My facial expression on the bottom right is priceless.


Yes, I closed my eyes before the big push. Kept them closed for a good 15 seconds after the jump.



I went back and forth between muttering: “Oh, shyt!”, “Lawd, Jesus!” and “Oh, my God!” the whole way down.


Mid-air he asked me if I wanted to twirl in a circle. I screamed: “Noooo!”. This dude did it anyway! Lawd!


Safe landings. Praise tha Lawd!


We survived! Our facial expressions convey exactly what we were feeling after it was all over. I am not doing that ish again. I like being on solid ground and having some control of my life.


What’s on YOUR bucket list?


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