Champagne Jello Shots

Happy New Year!

While discussing New Years plans with a friend, I casually mentioned that I can put together a tray of Jell-O shots for the occasion. A casual suggestion turned into an unanimous group decision.

Well then… Here we go!


Cast of Characters

It’s really simple. Just replace water for champagne and liqueur. For my black raspberry batch, I used 1.5c of bubbly and 1/2c of Chambord. I garnished each with a single blackberry.


I used ice trays from the dollar store to fill my jello and set in the fridge for a few hours.

In total I made four trays, including mango and strawberry jello flavors. You want to make them at least a day before so the gelatin can get really firm. I made mines 4 hours before the party. The gelatin was set, but not quite firm to adhere to my festive toothpicks.


Didn’t matter though. As soon as I took the trays out of the fridge, I had a crowd hovering around me, ready to pounce in. Grown a$$ adults feening over some jello! It was hilarious. Not to mention delicious!! Some of the guests put their jello in their cocktail glass. One even went as far as using her fingers to scrape the remains that clung to the tray!

Good times!



May 2013 be the year all of your dreams come true!

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