Putting a lil’ Spring into my wardrobe…

Last week I was invited to a Spring Fashion show hosted by TV show personality & author, Daisy Lewellyn and Macy’s. I was there to get up close and personal to learn about the #5essential 2013 spring fashion pieces.


Daisy Lewellyn
{Photo Credit: Blueprint4style}

The awesome thing about Daisy’s new book: “Never Pay Retail Again”,  is she teaches you how to be chic and stylish under $100. That’s a budget I can hang with.

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to spring trends. Especially since one of my clients is a personal stylist, so she has been schooling me on what hot in the streets so I can represent her brand properly.

On to the fashion show. Daisy was a gracious hostess, rocking a royal blue dress, accessorized with a hot pink belt. Girlfriend talked fast. If you closed your eyes, for a second you’d think you was at an auction and not a fashion show. I had a great time and loved the pieces the models demonstrated. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was getting my learn on.

I almost forgot to tell you the 5 Essential pieces you need for Spring:
1) Pullovers
2) Peplum
3) Prints
4) Lace
5) Dresses


A combination of the spring essentials. I didn’t photograph lace tho…

Sounds simple enough, right? Ehh… maybe. I’m boring when it comes to fashion. I’m not a huge fan of lace, it reminds me of itchy underwear and Madonna. Prints scare me most of the time. My idea of a pull over is my old college sweatshirt. You see where I’m going here…

Not to fret, Daisy gave me some visual pointers and then I was on my own to find my Spring piece. After browsing the racks, I didn’t see much peplum, (disappointing!) so I narrowed down on these four choices. I couldn’t really decide, so I took a quick 20 minute poll and asked my Instagram followers to chime in.


I had 5 votes for the leopard print shirt, 2 votes for the maxi dress (Which I looooved) and 2 votes for the red lace dress. Hardly anyone selected the black lace dress. (I’m sure if it was accessorized with a belt, I’d have more feedback)


Folks picked the shirt…

So I went ahead and purchased the shirt. $24.99 at Macy’s. I guess my Instagram followers make the same safe fashion decisions I make.

By the time I gotten home, more votes came in. I literally was tied across the board while drafting this post. Ladies really wanted me to have the leopard maxi dress. I was told I glowed in that dress by one follower. Another follower said there was no need for me to overdo the fierce-ness wearing the dress. Lawd! See why I was confused?!


I just may end up getting the dress anyway. ($49.99 Macy’s)  I can already visualize me swaying in this sheer dress while at the Caribbean Wine Festival next month.

What are your favorite spring essentials? What did you think of my choices above?


A few of my blogging friends attended the same show. Check out their insights: Bren Herrera and Blueprint4Style 


{Thank you to Xina+PR for extending the invitation for me to attend. I had a great time!} 
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