Holla at {Jay-zero-en-ee-zee}



For more than a few months, I’ve been dreading the “travel” in front of my twitter name. I’m not into the travel thing as much so the name was misleading to my brand a bit. I was crushed when I learned @JazzyJonez was taken on twitter. Even more annoyed that it was an inactive account. No tweets. No followers. Nothing.



I tried a few attempts to reach out to the account owner as well as reaching out to twitter directly. Dead end.

I didn’t want an underscore. I didn’t want gimmicky words like “The real” or “the jazzy jonez” as my handle so my brand strategist and I felt the next best option was to replace the letter O with the number zero.

I wasn’t in love with it but it was the best I could do.

So, holla at JazzyJ0nez. {Jay-zero-en-ee-zee} Let’s keep in touch!

In the meantime I’m still planning on nagging twitter about releasing the inactive @jazzyjonez account to me. If you have any suggestions I can go about that or have a hook up at Twitter headquarters who can move & shake things in my favor, HOLLA!

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Girls Night In: On Tap


On tap: Prosecco with Ginger liqueur. I added frozen berries which made the drink pink.

Happy Saturday.

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I’m Heading to BlissDom Conference



A week from now I’m heading to Dallas, Texas to attend BlissDom conference. No lie, I’m nervous. Why? Um… we’re talking about a thousand ladies in attendance. In the past I’ve attended Blogalicious and PowerUP conferences with a much smaller group and felt a little bit at home. 

Y’all forget that behind these red lips, I’m a shy gal. 

I’m looking forward to using this event to break out of my shell a little bit. Learn a thing or two about upgrading my writing skillz and iPhonography. Oh, super excited about putting on some of my heels and checking out fellow Gleek, Amber Riley

I’ll check back in next week and let you know how it goes. I expect nothing but amazing things. Apparently, there’s lots of glitter involved with BlissDom, according to the chatter on their private Facebook page. I intended to ignore that as much as possible. Glitter is hard to remove off your skin. 

Just sayin’

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Celebrating My Legacy: International Women’s Day

I’m proud of my blended family: The Jones & Smiths. (Couldn’t our last names get any more common?) Today in honor of International Women’s Day, I salute these God-fearing women.


[Top]: Great-Grandmother, Granny (RIP), Mama
[Bottom]: MamaT w/ Nana, Aunties, Grandma Truehart (RIP)

Look at my legacy. Look at that flawless cocoa butta skin. Our black don’t crack!  I pray I will be blessed to live well into my 90’s just like my two grandmothers: GG & Truehart.

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Thirsty Thursday: Whatcha Sippin’ On?


Enjoying Happy Hour with Sassy Sophia.

Happy Thursday!

Its been a couple days since I’ve had a glass of wine, so today the thirst was strong. I recently visited The Winery at Onley, taking advantage of a Living Social deal. I owe you guys a review of that place. (It’s fabulous!). I left the tasting with a few good grapes. Today I’m sipping on the winery’s “Sweet Nothings: Muscact” wine. It’s a semi-sweet wine with a dry finish.

Whatcha Sippin’ on today?


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The gift that keeps on giving …

20130226-184726.jpgI just ended things with an ex and threw away all the gifts he’s given me. The above pictured aerator is the one gift I cannot bear to throw away. Honestly, it’s the most useful thing he’s ever given me.

In a nutshell, the aerator’s purpose is to breathe air/oxygen to your wine, thus enhancing the flavor or reducing the harsh tannis. Or something like that! I’m not that quite confident. I just know there was a noticeable difference when I poured my first glass without the aerator vs the second glass with the aerator. My wine was smoother as a result. I like WineStrong’s explaination about the benefits of aerating. Click here to check the post.



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Game Blouses, Moonwalks, and *Shimmy Shakes*


This is what’s going down tonight!

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